Bites, Wounds, and Cuts

Bites, Wounds, and Cuts

How To Treat Dog Bite Wounds

  Bite wounds are a common cause of trauma in dogs and typically result from altercations with other dogs, cats and wildlife. Bite wounds are puncture wounds and while they may appear small they can spell big trouble for your dog. Their deceptive nature lies in the fact that while the external wound can be small, the same wound can be deep, extending through the skin and into the subcutaneous tissues and muscles. There is a high risk of infection with bite wounds because of the numerous bacteria that are normally harbored in an animal’s mouth. Because the surface wound

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Rehabilitating A Dog That’s Been Bitten

It’s probably in every dog lover’s top five nightmare scenarios — your dog is attacked and bitten by another dog, possibly seriously enough to require veterinary care. It can be traumatic for everyone involved, human and dog. So what’s the best way to deal with the situation, when it happens and afterwards? If it hasn’t happened to you yet, the first thing to remember if it does is to stay calm and quiet. Yelling or otherwise panicking will just make it worse because it will fuel the aggression between the dogs. But do try to get the biting dog off

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Treating Bite Wounds In Dogs

This First Aid Guide was developed by the veterinary staff at Dr. Sherry Weaver’s Animal Hospital of Towne Lake in Woodstock, GA. Always use caution when approaching or handling an animal that is injured by bite wounds or another serious trauma. Dogs that are not normally aggressive may bite out of self-protective instincts if they are in pain. Use a muzzle if needed. Flush the wound well with warm water, and try to clip fur from any wounds. It is important to note that bite wounds are a combination of penetrating and crushing damage. A small hole can mask severe

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How To Treat Cuts On Dogs

Lacerations in dogs can range from small to large and superficial to deep. They can be anywhere on your dog’s body and the first warning sign may be bleeding. If the wound is small and superficial (like a scrape) then you may be able to treat it by carefully cleaning the wound with a product like gentle iodine or chlorhexine. A topical ointment such as Neosporin can be applied two or three times daily until healed. If the laceration is deep, place a bandage or cloth over the wound to control bleeding and keep the area clean. Seek veterinary care

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Cali’s Tale: Once Bitten…

Like the majority of our dogs, Cali, the lovable chocolate Labrador owned by Connie and Mike Schmitt, loves playing outside in the backyard. This just happened to be the Schmitt family pup’s favorite pastime, until recently that is. In July of last year, a typical trip to the backyard brought Cali face-to-face with a venomous snake. It was an experience that would change both her life and the lives of her owners forever. “Cali loves to frolic around our property and chase lizards and squirrels,” says her owner, Connie Schmitt, who spoke to Cesar’s Way about the day of her

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